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Don't say the V-word

Michael Dubin, Founder & CEO, DollarShaveClub

Panel: Brand Content Done Right

Brand content is the backbone of successful native advertising campaigns, so what are the fundamentals of successful content marketing? What new mediums are popping up that allow for creativity when creating campaigns? Executives from the top midwest brands and agencies discuss their experiences, highlights, and where the future opportunities lie for content marketing.

Lauren Drell, Mashable
Tessa Gould, Huffington Post
Nabil Wanna, Sr., Cruzan, Beam Inc.
Felicia Martin-Hill, Virgin Mobile
Cory Issacson, Walton Issacson
Dana Shank, Kraft Foods

From Echo-Chamber Headlines to Meaningful Content

Dan Greenberg, CEO, Sharethrough

Panel: The Evolution of the Modern Internet

The internet is undergoing a dramatic visual and structural shift. Examples of the modern internet are all around us. Stalwart media properties like Yahoo! and CNN have completely revamped their site design to center around a news feed, social platforms have committed to feed-based monetization strategies, and modern sites like Medium and Branch have succeeded by offering immediate and intuitive options for the right users at the right time. These executives will discuss what this shift means from a brand, publisher, and technology perspective.

Patrick Keane, Sharethrough
Bryan Moffett, NPR
Kevin Hartbarger, OMD
David Spiegel, BuzzFeed
Moksha Fitzgibbons, Complex

Native Advertising and its impact on Brand Marketing

The concept of Native Advertising is not new. Brands have been sponsoring content within media platforms for the better part of a decade. Learn how Intel has moved beyond simply sponsoring content, to working with agencies and publishers to create branded content that fits within the form and function of the media platform on which it resides.

David Veneski, US Media Director, Intel


Branded Content: A Publisher's Perspective

Meredith Levien, The New York Times

ROC: The New ROI

Melissa Goidel, Refinery29
Ryan Foley, Liquid Thread
Rachel Tipograph, Gap
Drew Mckenzie, Luxottica

The Onion Presents

Mike McAvoy, The Onion

Mobile: Running Out of Real Estate & The Metrics of the Future

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers are grappling to figure out the right way to connect with consumers on their mobile devices. Up until now, the majority of advertising on mobile has mimicked the banner and pre-roll advertisements that rule desktop. However, limited space and the growth of feed design on mobile publishers has made integrated and native advertising an enticing option. This panel will bring together mobile advertising specialists to discuss the latest mobile ad models and where the market is headed.

Mike Solomon, OMD
Dirk Rients, DDB
Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough
Eric Schnabel, Facebook
Amy Dickerson, Spark

Qualcomm & StumbleUpon: Sparking Consumer Engagement Through Content

Teal Newland, VP, StumbleUpon
Michael Bruckstein, Neo@Ogilvy, West

Paid, Owned and Earned: Does native change the dynamic?

This panel will feature speakers who have been able to consistently attract attention for brand content through both organic and paid channels. They'll discuss their POV on how paid, owned and earned media can reinforce each other and highlight unique ways brands can use native advertising to win attention.

Chris Schreiber, Sharethrough
David Armano, Edelman Digital Chicago
Mark Chambers, Digitas
Nikhil Sethi, Adaptly
Joshua Brandau, Pereira & O'Dell

Cocktail Hour at Sable Bar

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