Dan Greenberg, CEO, Sharethrough

Three Bets On The Future Of Media

How high-design, and networked publishing is changing the way people write and read online.

Evan Hansen, Senior Editor, Medium

The Meaningful Content Roundtable

Explore the new world of modern storytelling and why the pendulum may shift away from clickbait headlines and back towards content that matters.

Alice Troung, West Coast correspondent, Fast Company
Dan Greenberg, CEO, Sharethrough
James Buckhouse, Product innovation and growth, Twitter
Tony Haile, CEO, Chartbeat

Creating the Optimum Supply Chain for Native

Creating the optimum supply chain for native… how to build an end-to-end process with ideation > production > distribution > promotion > measurement.

Becky Brown, Director of Media, Intel

It's Easy if You Mean It

Tim Malone, Head of Content, The North Face

Involvement Advertising

How to involve your audience without losing control of it.

Jason Harris, CEO, Mekanism


The Content Marketing Imperative

We all know the world has changed due to digital, mobile and cloud technologies and as a result, our customers are tuning out ineffective marketing. Today your customers expect you to care. Content marketing is an imperative because it represents the biggest gap between what brands produce and the content our customers actually want. Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy for NewsCred and Michael Kuczkowski AVP, Integrated Marketing, Content Development at The Hartford will make the case for content marketing and share some insights into how companies like SAP and the Hartford are using it to connect with consumers.

Michael Kuczkowski, AVP, Integrated Marketing, Content Development, The Hartford
Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy, NewsCred

Brands as Publishers

Turning your owned assets into credible news outlets that project your brand's perspective and create a subscriber relationship with consumers.

Moksha Fitzgibbons, COO, Complex
Javier Farfan, Head of Music, Entertainment and Culture Marketing, Pepsi

Native Next

An inside look at how the New York Times will approach native as brands become more sophisticated with their own content platforms.

Kristine Segrist, MEC
Sebastian Tomich, VP of Advertising, The New York Times

Panel: Defining Modern Monetization

With more and more noise on the internet, how does the modern media company find sustainable sources of revenue, while keeping their reader's attention?

James Del, Executive Director, Gawker
Kelly Andresen, Director of Ad Innovations & Product Strategy, Washington Post
Chris Pirrone, GM, USA Today Sports Media Group

Mike Gaffney, CRO, Sharethrough

Can Media Play In The Content Space?

Creating content for brands is evolving quickly in the digital world. It has become a powerful tool for brands to drive consumers down the purchase funnel. Discover how Clorox is leveraging media in the content space.

Aric Lapera, Executive Director, Buzzfeed
Erika Lamoreaux, Associate Director of Digital Media, Clorox

Cover What She Covets

The ultra-connected and mindful lifestyles of millennial women are transforming the way they engage with AND select brands, products, and their coveted must-haves. Refinery29 will share how marketers can harness the power of inspiration and authenticity to drive purchase intent across the digital ecosystem.

Melissa Goidel, CRO, Refinery29


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Dan Greenberg, CEO, Sharethrough
Rob Fan, CTO, Sharethrough

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Fireside Chat with Pinterest

Tram Nguyen, Head of Product Marketing, Pinterest
Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group

Fireside Chat with LinkedIn

Patrick Keane, President, Sharethrough
David Thacker, Vice President of Product, LinkedIn

Cocktail Hour

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