The Native Advertising Summit
is coming to San Francisco this July.
Check back soon for additional details.

The Native Advertising Summit - Chicago Speakers:

About the Summit

Native Advertising Summit - Chicago (NAS) will bring together publishers, platforms, brands, and agencies to discuss how to create extraordinary content and the methods to distribute that content in a digital world where banners and pre-roll ads are no longer the only options. Building off of learnings from the previous New York and Atlanta summits, speakers at NAS-Chicago will focus on how to move past conceptualization and towards a concrete discussion around content creation, scale and adoption.

This event will offer advertisers the opportunity to see how others have created and executed creative native ad campaigns, as well as educational information for publishers looking to launch or enhance native advertising programs.

If you would like to learn more about native advertising, visit the About page for market information, article links, and a real time social feed.

Cool, so where is this summit?

Hotel Palomar Chicago, 505 North State Street Chicago, IL 60654.

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